Herbal Hair & Body Oil

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  • (Made from Nellikai,Sembaruthi,Karisilaangkanni…+ many herbs)
  • Reduce body heat naturally


Aathithya’s Hair and Body Oil is a unique personal care product, for revitalizing your hair, skin, and body. Made using Karisilaangkanni (Bhringaraja), Vallaarai (Brahmi), Nelli (Amla), Sembaruthi (Hibiscus) and a host of other curated herbs, it comes in two distinct oil bases, namely Coconut oil and Gingelly oil.

How does it revitalize your body?

Most of the herbs used in Aathithya’s Hair and Body Oil have the potency to vitiate Vata Dosha. Gingelly oil used in its preparation, further balances Vata Dosha. While its viscosity helps in relieving excess body heat, Coconut oil as a base serves as a natural coolant. Both these base oils in combination with other herbs present in Aathithya’s Hair and Body Oil evens out body heat and lowers it down to optimum levels. Regular use of this oil can help you alleviate health conditions arising due to excess heat and make you feel rejuvenated.

Health Benefits

How does it nourish your hair?

Karisilaangkanni known as Bhringaraja, implies the King of feathers, the peacock. And Bhringaraja indeed makes your hair shiny and smooth like the feathers of a peacock. Sembaruthi provides nutrition to your hair follicles and strengthens the hair root. It has antibacterial properties that prevent dandruff and controls hair fall. It also encourages fresh hair growth. Coconut oil that we gently extract from coconut milk without losing its natural qualities relieves dryness and itching and prevents premature graying of hair. And Gingelly oil that we obtain using traditional methods provides added nourishment of Vitamin E for a healthy scalp.

How does it nourish your hair?

Karisilaangkanni, Vallaarai, and Nelli, all three main herbs in Aathithya’s Hair and Body Oil have anti-aging properties. They also have anti-inflammatory and wound healing traits. Karisilaangkanni, in particular, is useful in treating even conditions like Elephantiasis and Abscess. Brahmi, although famous for enhancing memory, has medicinal properties that relieve itching and allergic skin symptoms like Pruritus. And Amla, which is an excellent coolant and antioxidant, is helpful in treating Psoriasis and some 18 types of skin diseases, according to Ayurveda.

As for as the base oils are concerned, Coconut oil nourishes body tissues. It also moisturizes and softens the skin. It relieves burning sensation and even quickens up filling of depression caused by skin wounds. Gingelly oil, on the other hand, has a rich Vitamin E content. It improves skin texture and provides relief to dryness, itching, and pain.

Method of use :

Take Aathithya’s bathing oil in a bowl. By dipping the fingers of both your hands till the first line of your fingers, apply the oil all over your body and hair. Now, allow the oil to get absorbed for 10 minutes and bathe in lukewarm water.

About Manufacturer

Aathithya Herbal is a Herbal, Natural and Organic Food Supplement producer with a high market contribution. Established in the year 2012 Aathithya Herbal is foraying into vivid areas of healthcare ably led by a panel of dedicated Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Experts in the field of Herbal, Natural and Organic Food products fields

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